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A love for film conquers all

A love for film conquers all

Article from Student Life in Bangor

Graduating with an upper second class honours degree in Creative Studies is a dream come true for film fanatic, Robert Mann from Llandudno who's among the first class of students to graduate in this new BA degree at Bangor University.

Robert, who's 21 and a former pupil of Ysgol John Bright, Llandudno was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at the age of 14 and has struggled more than most to adjust to university life. He said,

"I came to Bangor because it was in daily travelling distance which meant that I could continue living at home, as I'm not ready to live alone yet. I started off having to have taxis to get to and from Bangor, initially required a mentor for getting around the campus, needed a note taker at first and had major difficulty socialising and working with other students."

Over the three years, Robert has overcome all obstacles and is now much more independent; being able to travel alone, produce his own notes and interact with other people as well as holding down a job in his local cinema. He added,

"I feel happy and relieved. Also, a bit surprised because I have faced a lot of obstacles and because the 3 years have gone much better than I expected them to."

"I struggled a lot at school because other pupils didn't understand me. I had support from my teachers and because I wanted to go to university they helped me in the right direction. Because I have an interest is film (watching, reviewing and making) I have been able to incorporate this into my studies at university."

As part of his Creative Studies Course, Robert got a chance to be involved in the production of a number of films including a documentary on Aspergers Syndrome from his own personal perspective which he hopes to develop further in future.

Having gained confidence in himself and his ability, Robert has decided to continue his studies. He added,

"I'm starting an MA in Bangor this September, which I will be doing part time over two years. In the long run I hope to become a film critic and/or director, as this is a profession that I would really enjoy doing and I feel that I would very good at it."

Robert would like to thank all the staff at Bangor's Student Services Centre and his tutors who have helped and supported him on his journey to success.

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This article is a follow-up to my previous post:

I feel that, when compared to the previous article, it illustrates the ways in which I have developed socially and academically during my time at university.

While I doubt that I will be developing much more socially, my Masters degree involving me being on my own a lot more, I believe that once my Masters is completed, I will have developed significantly more in academic terms.

Robert Mann BA (Hons)

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