Saturday, 9 January 2010

Documentary: 'Beautiful Young Minds'

Beautiful Young Minds Part 1 of 4

Beautiful Young Minds Part 2 of 4

Beautiful Young Minds Part 3 of 4

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Beautiful Young Minds Part 4 of 4


Here is a BAFTA nominated British documentary by Morgan Matthews entitled Beautiful Young Minds which tells the story of several individuals gifted with impressive mathematical abilities who are trying to get accepted into the International Mathematical Olympiad. Among the individuals, most of whom have some degree of Autism, hoping to get accepted is Daniel Lightwing. This film focuses particularly on his efforts, as well as the difficulties he faces in his day to day life, and also his relationship with Zhu Yan, their marriage actually being filmed for this documentary. The film not only manages to be entertaining but also gives an honest, sincere, sensitive and heartfelt look into the lives of its subjects and is very well done in every respect.

Robert Mann BA (Hons)

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