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Film - Alien to the World

Alien to the World

Alien to the World is a film about my personal experiences with Aspergers Syndrome that I made for my Masters dissertation at Bangor University.

Thanks to everyone who helped me make this project a reality.

Robert Mann MA



"Autism is not a puzzle, nor a disease. Autism is a challenge." -Trisha van Berkel

A simple but apt description for not only the wider Autistic Spectrum but also the condition known as Aspergers Syndrome. A form of Autism that affects the social and functional abilities of those who have it, many do not realise the true effect it has on someone who has it.

'Alien to the World' is an attempt to rectify this, offering a glimpse into how one person is affected by the condition on a daily basis and how they struggle to cope with the things most people take for granted. This film offers a personal, and sometimes humorous, view of both what it is like to live with Aspergers Syndrome and how a person with Aspergers views a world which by and large does not accept them.

Alien to the World is based on the personal experiences of writer and director Robert Mann, himself diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, and features music by American musician Lindsey Nebeker, who has a diagnosis of Autism.


Written, Produced, Directed and Edited by Robert Mann
Cinematography by Robert Mann, Nick Williams and Mai Yasuhara
Additional Cinematography by Daivid Mann and Eli Wills
Cinematography Assistance by Nicholas Hintze and Eli Wills
Flash Animations by Robert Mann
Casting by Robert Mann

Robert/Narrator/Maximilian Drake/Masked Man 1 - Robert Mann
Jenny/Hostage - Lizzy Hawley
Alex Roberts - Zara Swanton
Jane Fisk - Eli Wills
Head of Police - Alexandra Coke
Himself - John Edward Green
Himself - Patrick Thomas
Themselves - The members of National Autistic Society Bangor Social Group
Robert's Dad/Cinema Customer - Daivid Mann
Alex Roberts' Boyfriend/Masked Man 2 - Nick Williams
Hostage Taker 1/Maximilian Drake's Employee - Vaibhav Dewan
Hostage Taker 2 - Robert Burstow
Hostage Taker 3 - Matt Ison
People In Bar - The Members of BUFFS
Friends - Lizzy Hawley, Eli Wills and others
Couple - Nick Williams and other

Soundtrack featuring original music by Lindsey Nebeker

Stock music, videos and images courtesy of iStockaudio, iStockvideo and iStockphoto

Creative work and Autistic Ambition Productions ident ©2010 Robert Mann


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Introduction to Alien to the World

Alien to the World Part 1 of 6

Alien to the World Part 2 of 6

Alien to the World Part 3 of 6

Alien to the World Part 4 of 6

Alien to the World Part 5 of 6

Alien to the World Part 6 of 6

It is my hope that this film will help to raise awareness about the way Autistic people live their lives. Please feel free to post any comments about or reviews of my film. I welcome feedback.

Robert Mann MA


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