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'Dustbin Baby' nominated for Emmy award

'Dustbin Baby' nominated for Emmy award

Article from The National Autistic Society

Dustbin Baby, a BBC drama featuring a teenager with Asperger syndrome, has been nominated for an International Emmy Award.

Adapted from the novel by Jacqueline Wilson, Dustbin Baby starred 14-year-old Lizzy Clarke, who was the first actress ever to play the part of someone with Asperger syndrome on TV while actually having the condition herself. Lizzy performed alongside Juliet Stevenson and Dakota Blue Richards.

Dustbin Baby told the story of teenager April (played by Dakota Blue Richards) who sets out to discover where she came from and, along the way, discovers where she belongs, having been abandoned in a dustbin as a baby. April goes back to the world she left behind - one of foster and care homes - and remembers and revisits the people who shaped her life, including the character played by Lizzy.

The 37th International Emmy Awards will take place Monday, November 23, 2009 in New York, hosted by Graham Norton. Dustbin Baby is nominated in the Children and Young people category - we'll let you know if they take home the award on the night.

The original source for this article was on the National Autistic Society website - - but, due to the site being rebuilt recently, a direct link to the article is currently unavailable.

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